Fine Living

Filming for television is enlightening. Most of it was one young director and a camera man standing with us in the hot sun telling us where to walk. They would pick out a storefront that looked interesting, like the brightly shining arrow in the Old Navy window that reads “Time to Shop,” and we would walk outside of it. Romy would grab my arm and point, I would look up and indicate that I was interested, and we would pretend to talk to each other while we hurried through the door. They filmed us walking in, walking out, pointing, walking down the street, and hurrying out of the mall with arms full of bags. At the end of the day, and by that I mean after 7 at night, we sat in the parking lot while the crew drove around the outlet mall looking for the best place to shoot the wrap. Even that late the burning sun was still out, and since they couldn’t find a better location, we shot the wrap outside of one of the host’s cars. They asked us questions about what we thought of our shopping experience with outlet malls, and we gave honest answers while smiling broadly and probably looking uncomfortable. I admit that amongst the tiny hosts and my equally tiny friend I felt incredibly pudgy, adding to my nervousness on camera. I hope it doesn’t spoil the show to say that I really had fun at the Tulalip Outlet Mall, it was much better than I expected it to be. The episode I appear in won’t be airing until early next year, and since its primarily Canadian the only US channel that carries it is Fine Living. But whenever I find out exact air times I’ll mention it here.

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