Hot Time in the Northwest

A lot of people around the country are feeling the heat right now. This weekend was one of the hottest I’ve ever experienced. It reminded me of a camping trip I took with my parents in the dead of August one year. We stayed by the side of the road in a KOA on the way to Houston off of 1-10, the tent was like an oven, and it was so hot I could hardly breathe let alone sleep. Heat is unusual in Seattle. We live in a second story apartment facing the woods that keeps quite snug in winter, so you can imagine how it is now. The cats have been lying around the house like sacks of potatoes. Couscous isn’t a very smart cat, so she’s mainly been lying immobile in her usual spots. Puddin on the other hand has been actively trying to beat the heat by stretching out on cool surfaces and in front of the window fan. There have been times when I’ve been blocked from the full benefit of the window fan by the cat. It does seem to be cooling off a little as of today, and maybe we’ve seen the worst of it. Eventually those of us that live in Washington state will stop being able to have homes without air conditioning, and that day might be coming sooner than later.

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