No One is Up for This

I work for a company that’s into team building. But being kind of an old-fashioned place, most of the people in charge of our team building exercises are men. Men that like sports. And so it happens the entire marketing department will be carting their fragile bodies over to a diamond today to attempt to play softball. Most of us haven’t played since middle school. For me at least, the goal is to make it through the day without needing an ambulance. And without looking too stupid in my team T-shirt and shorts. When the torture ends, tomorrow I’ll be up in Everett enjoying my tickets to Champions on Ice. I know, I usually have a rule about avoiding things with “on ice” in the title, but as some of you may remember from the Olympics, I love figure skating in all of its forms. And this show is going to be exhibition performances by some of my favorite competitors, including the exciting up and comers Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto, veteran Victor Petrenko and the incomparable Michelle Kwan. The real highlight will be seeing my eerily similar look-alike Irina Slutskaya, who I’ve just learned collect stuffed animals. Weird. This was a really nice gift from Scott, and we’re making a whole day of the outing by adding in dinner at Alligator Soul. They have a chef from New Orleans and a menu that features beignets and boudin, so I’m really looking forward to eating food that reminds me of home.

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