Talladega Nights

So I went to see Talladega Nights this weekend and died laughing. I have a hard time finding a comedy I’ll enjoy in the movie theaters these days, but I do go to Will Ferrell movies. I saw Anchorman in the drive-in and I was completely won over by the rumble between the various news anchors in the streets, and by Steve Carell, who I now watch regularly in The Office. Will Ferrell’s NASCAR movie starts out right with a really solid cast; I’d give anything John C. Reilly signed up for at least a glance, and he’s hysterical as dumb cowboy Ricky Bobby’s even dumber best friend. I would never have thought I’d see two NASCAR movies in one year and enjoy them both, but I’m open minded. Then I spent most of Saturday fixing my laptop. It’s been dead for nearly a year, until I recently got a new copy of Windows, but installing that fixed my virus problems while uninstalling half my drivers. But fortunately the recovery disk turned up, so a couple of hours went to reinstalling those. Plus a new anti-virus program because no way am I letting that get out of date again. However the reinstalled Toshiba console now tells me that my hard drive will probably fail soon, so perhaps all for naught. Today we packed up the Mazda and attempted to get a little sun over at Dash Point, because no one should spend an entire sunny weekend in Washington indoors. Got a little sun, burned slightly, grilled a lot of meat that should make several days of leftovers and admired the many, many dogs that were out on leashes.

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