The Animator in You Never Dies

A few years ago I moved out of Atlanta, and not too much time after that, a close friend of mine moved to New York. We’ve corresponded since then mainly by brief emails and blogs. It’s a relief for people like me, who rarely ever call anybody, that blogs exist, and we can use them to keep up with our old friends. I feel like I’ve spent the last couple of years with him anyway, since he is the person Ferret is based on. He flew out here this weekend for a wedding, we took him out to eat and we had some new friends show him the Seattle nightlife. Over a couple of drinks in a tiny bar you can’t even see from the street, “Ferret” told our new friends the story of what it was like to work in the animation studio together and how Scott and I became a couple. His perspective on that rounded out the way I’d been telling the same story, and I noticed it wasn’t really all that different than how I remembered it. And I thought to myself that old friends really are something special, because they remember you when. They are proof that yes those days were real, you experienced that, it happened. It was particularly fitting to see him now, as some dramatic changes are about to affect the strip and the character of Ferret.

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