The Old Debate

A debate raged in my household yesterday: animation vs. comics. Ok so we do seem more than a little cynical about the animation industry these days. Not that I’ve really expressed that in this space but friends who talk to me privately know it. That doesn’t mean we’re out of it. Last night I was reminded that we’re very much still in it as I sat for hours at the computer making cupboard doors open, cookie jar lids lift and oven door handles fit the correct angle. When I have animation work to do its usually in Flash, but that doesn’t mean the computer does much of the work. I’m still pushing and pulling lines frame by frame and making myself cross-eyed with onion skins. When animation work comes in, and it occasionally does, we do it. It’s either for casino games or lately there’s been some work on snack food commercials. Not much is traditionally animated these days but for some reason snack food is. There aren’t a lot of cartoon shows out there doing work I’d care to be part of, and while being part of a television production sounds great, the nature of it means that when you’re done, your own contribution tends to get lost in the sea of the whole. It’s hard to explain that to people that are in comics, and I think that’s why Scott prefers to be able to have his own project, not focus solely on that nomadic life animation tends to offer. Like he says, when he finishes its him you see. It looks like him and it belongs to him.

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