Dump the Furniture

As I’m moving in the near future, some decisions were made about our furniture. Some of it is just too big or just the wrong style for the new condo. The office has a bed in it that Scott has had since he was a kid growing up and keeping it just didn’t make any sense. The couches have this Northwestern cabin style I haven’t bought anything to match in ages and they take up a monstrous amount of space. And I bought this glass table when I first moved up here… I was living with a girl who had a friend that was downsizing to a houseboat, and to make everyone happy I bought a few items. The glass table was one of them and I’ve never used it. The top is one big massive glass oval and it stands on a huge black bear made of resin. He’s lying on his back and he holds the glass up with his paws. No kidding. They needed to go so I decided I’d better get them up soon on Craig’s List, this classified ad website everyone in Seattle uses religiously. I thought it would take awhile to sell this stuff so I’d better hurry and get it up. I put the items up around 2 in the afternoon, within 10 minutes I got my first phone call. By 6 pm everything had been sold and removed from the house. I had no idea it was going to work that fast! I got lucky with the table, the woman who bought the couches took one look at that bear and said she had to have it. I’m happy about that, because couches and bear will be going to a cabin being built on the penninsula and that seems like the absolute best place for them. It was interesting getting the couches out, the big one was brought into the apartment through the second story back porch door and it had to go out the same way, but with help we made it work. Of course, now the apartment is without couch for awhile. Hope the inspection today goes well.

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