Beefy Home Inspector

The home inspector turned out to be a young guy who was impossibly buff. He went through the process very meticulously, and he was initially disappointed that there was no roof access. Not to be deterred, he propped the ladder against the wall, hung onto an open window and swung himself up there. Home inspection is not for the faint of heart. We set a record yesterday for traffic to our website and that’s super encouraging. Lots of compliments on the bigger size and the color. It’s been a week since launch and I finally took the time out to put a simple banner up. I know, it’s not much. I wasn’t sure what to advertise, so I thought mentioning Maridee’s MySpace page would be as good as anything else. Some of my Farks have made the rounds enough on MySpace that it’s fitting to take credit for them somewhere. Who would have thought that many people would get excited about the Burger King in bed with the Quaker Oats guy, that took me maybe ten minutes to make. And frankly it seemed like an obvious joke at the time. Far be it from me though to criticize if it makes people happy. Laughter is really what it’s all about you know, what do I care if it’s obvious.

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