Off to New York

Scott is going to be handling updating the website this week as I will be off to New York City for Active Insights, the web statistics conference. I’m going to be taking classes for three days so I can come back and make some decisions about what we should be tracking and including in our reports at work. Actually its pretty serious business by day. But my nights are already being planned out by my old friend from Atlanta who moved to NYC just a few years ago. He can’t wait to feel like a real New Yorker and introduce someone to the city who really has never been there before. The closest I’ve gotten is farm country in Pennsylvania. I’ve got nothing I particularly have to do there, although I would like to eat a NYC bagel. I used to work for a bagel deli owned by a man from New Jersey and I’d like to see if there are any similarities. Other than that I’m open. This will be Scott’s first time updating the new site on his own so if you see some oddities and things don’t link up right, don’t worry, I’ll be back on the weekend to fix.

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