Me in the City

Before I get into my trip to New York, I’d like all of my Cartoonists Northwest subscribers to know that I spent most of today putting together a video of the camping event we had last September. It’s rendering now, will be up on the CNW site as soon as I can get it there, in the meantime I at least put up the notice for the meeting. With that out of the way, yes I’m back from New York. Very interesting trip. Did you know New Yorkers don’t really look at each other on the street? And web statistics analysts don’t look at each other much when they sit in class either I found out. Ok so I didn’t make any new friends on this trip, but I did enjoy several evenings with an old one. When CC moved from Atlanta to New York it seemed like a natural fit; here was a guy who didn’t like driving, who loved the urban lifestyle and was looking for a social scene more to his taste. He loves the city, and he loved showing it to me. We went all over, and most of it on foot. I saw a lot but didn’t DO a lot if that makes any sense. I did get to ride the subway, I walked through Central Park (at a jaunty pace) and saw the Alice statue (it was huge, I didn’t know it was that big), and I saw the Hudson. I ate a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery (a la Sex and the City). I passed all of the big museums and stayed in Times Square where everything is a billboard. I went to Chinatown and slipped into a little restuarant where dinner was under 5 dollars. But it was definitely a business trip, where most of my time was confined to the hotel conference rooms furiously taking notes. Maybe next time I’ll get to make a longer acquaintance with the big apple.

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