Dog Ownership is Wet

It’s looking like our email issues have been temporarily solved. Most people are reporting successful viewings. Glad that’s the case, I know it was annoying. I’m exhausted after spending yet another evening painting. At least I can say that for all of my effort, the results look pretty incredible. The hardest room to paint was the kitchen, where cabinets had to be worked around and I ended up climbing all over the counters while balancing precariously over sinks. The red brick color carried over into the laundry/weird bathroom, where I decided to make my life even harder and include the ceiling. Meanwhile, Mousse wet on the carpet again. This is my first indoor dog, I have no idea what to do with this thing. When I came in the door from work today he rushed to greet me and bounced all over the place as if he were made of springs. In his excitement he leaped into my arms and wet on me. Joy. This dog needs school like no other.

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