Night of the Snowbound

Today is a rerun I know but here’s the reason: all that Seattle weather that made the national news this week really messed us up. On Monday Scott was picking me up after work and he ran into ice all the way down the freeway. He knew he couldn’t make it down the hill to my job, so I started walking. I had a two mile walk to make through the snow, which oddly wasn’t all that cold yet, but it was treacherous first from ice on the sidewalks and then from cars sliding out of control along the road. Up the hill on 148th traffic was at a standstill as cars and a bus struggled to slide up without going backwards. I made it to the Baskin Robbins on 85th where I met up with Scott and we had dinner in hopes of avoiding some of the worst of it. No such luck; by nine 405 had been completely shut down so we crossed 520 to I-5 where we ran into football traffic. The entire night was a scene from a disaster movie. At one point at Northgate it was so slow we decided to try and go for 99. We exited and it was solid black ice. Go slow enough and we were mostly okay, but a block from 99, traffic stopped dead for no reason. Our only choice was stay stuck or turn down the wrong way on a street so we did that. We went around the block, hit 99 and then sat for about 15 minutes, not moving an inch. People were honking, angry people walked along the roads like a death camp. We gave up, turned down the same road we came from and went back to I-5, periodically swerving around cars that had just died for whatever reason in the middle of the road. We made it back to I-5 somehow at the same exit we got off at some 30 minutes earlier. We passed the same bus we were driving next to before we exited to go to 99.That’s how slow it all was moving. Traffic wasn’t moving much at all. People were just abandoning their cars right and left and even the snow plows were stuck in traffic around us. My parents kept calling every 15 minutes and every time they called we hadn’t gotten much further. Traffic didn’t ease up until the Mountlake Terrace exit; by that time most of the semi trucks had stalled out in the middle of the freeway. We got home at one in the morning, and needless to say I did NOT go into work today. My office was closed anyway. So sorry about the pause in the story, consider it weather-related.

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