Orlando Business Trip

I’m getting ready for a business trip to Orlando again. It’s been almost a year since my last one but I remember it like it was yesterday, I had a blast. My co-workers who didn’t go with me are skeptical about how much fun you can really have in Orlando, for some reason they think it’s pretty dull. But I used to work as a castmember at the parks so I humbly disagree, the nightlife in Orlando is active every night of the week. I’ve got full work days scheduled but the dinner schedule is always open, so I’ve already made reservations. Ok, so all of them are Disney and Universal restaurants, but that’s because parking is easy, the food is amazing and they’re always surrounded by numerous clubs open late. I’ve done the downtown Orlando thinga few times, and it isn’t bad, but the crowd is a little seedier and the food is more hit or miss. And Church Street has been under construction for awhile anyway. So I’ve got us set up for Flying Fish, ‘OHana, and Le Cellier and Alfredo’s for our Saturday at EPCOT.

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