More Cleavage on the Job

I only read beauty magazines when I’m on the plane. That used to equal out to one Glamour magazine per year, but since my business travel increased I’ve actually got caught between new issues of the thinking girl’s fashion magazine and ended up with a Cosmo. And there I learned that women are dressing sexier in the workplace. In a recent poll, 68% of us feel that women are showing more cleavage at work. When I wrote this strip I didn’t really indicate what I thought Maridee should be wearing, but according to Cosmo, workplace tanktops are a definite “no.” So Jesse has a point after all, working girls, this outfit is not for you. Looking for that poll this morning led me to this amusing article, a good reminder about why I pick up a women’s magazine only when I’m stuck on an airline desperate for an escape from uncomfortable seats and crying babies.

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