Bartending for Dummies

My friends tell me I have a ‘best practices’ approach to life. Some people apply that to work only, I apply it to my personal life. There are certain things I feel that as a well-rounded person I should be able to do, just in case. I learned to sing, should I ever end up in a situation where I have to do an impromptu performance to impersonate an entertainer (this can happen I swear, I saw it on SeaQuest). I’m constantly working to expand my repertoire as a cook. Now I’m learning to bartend. In business I’ve discovered you end up in bars and I was getting embarrassed about not knowing what to order. I ordered my first gin and tonic just because I’d heard of one (fortunately it was good). So I got the equipment, filled out my bar, bought a book and got started. Today was a milestone, I learned how to float something. First I had to learn what float meant, so getting it to work was really special. I made something called a King Creole, and would you believe, the cream sat on the top like it was supposed to? I also made gomme syrup, but I’m not positive that worked right, because my first daquiri was rather lackluster. Everything can’t be perfect the first time.

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