The Computer Recovers

As we mentioned last Friday, we had been off the air because our computer got sick. It’s been awhile since that has happened to me, and it reminded me just how important this box of wires and circuits really is to the grand scheme of my life. Not because I miss my computer games. I don’t even play computer games these days, but my animation/cartooning business and my comic strip are all dependent on this box, and without it I can’t get online. I really felt like I was trapped in a closet with no windows or a door. My how we, as a society, have become so dependent on one item just to survive. I do backup my work, but I’m still a very low-scale business and the idea of a backup server or something of that sort just isn’t in the cards right now. So i back up by cd/dvd discs. For those of you out there who don’t back up, I strongly recommend doing something in that manner. You never really worry about it until it is too late.

Last week for me was like finding out my favorite pet was sick and I didn’t know if he’d pull through for a few days. Phew! Dodged another bullet….

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