IT Gives Me the Blues

This is it again, the last day before another business trip. Be warned that a new strip will not be coming out until next Friday. I would like to talk more about what these trips are about but I can’t really get into that yet. As before it’s another work trip to the corporate office in Orlando. For the last two years there hasn’t been a single work day that’s gone by without my communicating with someone down there, usually someone in IT. I will be spending plenty of quality time with IT again, but this time I have some different co-workers than I usually travel with going along with me. To that end I’m setting up reservations for our arrival night at Spoodles, an old stand-by I tend to choose when I’m looking for a nice restaurant that’s local, on property and not outgrageuously expensive. The atmosphere around the Boardwalk tends to impress everyone and I like to head for Bluezoo and Kimonos afterward. Enjoy yourselves this week and we will see you again on Friday.

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