Stranger at the Party

Today is my birthday. This weekend I went to a dinner party and chatted for awhile at the feet of an unassuming man that no one would guess was a comics legend by his demeanor. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know that Strangers in Paradise was coming to an end. I’ve been a reader since 1996, and it was interesting to learn that Terry Moore didn’t have a fast answer for what he would be doing next. The only certainty was that he would be doing something, because as he astutely noted, creators are so quickly forgotten. I doubt Terry would be a case like that, but maybe we all are really that fickle. I did think a lot about my old roommate from college, her stacks of SIP comics, her posters and her T-shirts, and what she would have said to see me there. We all talked mostly about the same thing every comic artist talks about, the state of the medium and the process of creation. I complained about the pressures of being funny in three panels, John Lustig agreed and noted the pressures of being funny in one panel. Then I broke a dish. We haven’t been doing this comic very long we learned in comparison to all of the guys at Blank Label Comics, who all agree that the average overnight success is seven years. That was true for Scott Kurtz too, who spent most of the evening talking with them at the kitchen table. Most of them have no idea how they became popular, but it sounds like word of mouth. In that case, I have a birthday request. In honor of my 31st, please tell someone about this strip.

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