Anime Not for Me-Ame

We spent most of this weekend at Sakura Con. Although I’d seen lots of pictures of anime conventions and knew basically what to expect, I wasn’t prepared for the volume of people in costumes. Every third person was in one, and I’m not enough of an anime expert to recognize less than half of the characters they were representing. They were very entertaining to look at anyway, and I took twenty minutes of footage that I will be cutting down to make a brief video documentary of our time spent there. We probably won’t be doing another one of these, not suprisingly this really didn’t feel like our audience, so that will make the video even more special. We did sell some books and sign up some new readers, and if you’re one of them, thanks for joining. Also to the loyal reader who is helping me with the RSS feed, thanks also and I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you over the weekend.

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