Dispersing Co-Workers

I had some friends over yesterday from work and of course we kept going back again and again to the big re-org my company is going through. It’s so interesting to everyone because the entire company had to make a decision about staying with changes or finding a new job, and the final decision had to happen by the end of today. There has been so much speculation about who is doing what that it we all might as well be laying down bets and putting together March Madness-style scorecards. There are less than five people left who I’m not quite sure about, so we will all be waiting to hear about them, but word has gotten around about what most of the decisions will be. The surreal part will be watching the ones who chose to leave disappear in droves. This week will mark the first person leaving from my own department, and it’s made me think a lot on the temporary quality of work relationships. You spend eight hours a day with someone on your own team, sometimes for years, but you know when they take a new job you will never see them again. They disappear into the workforce again, and unlike friends you might choose to start avoiding, you have no control over their decision to vanish, so who was once a habit is soon someone you can’t quite recall the face of.

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