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Earlier this month on the 7th of April we lost a “grizzled” veteran of comics. I say “grizzled” with affection because Johnny Hart had been doing comics far longer than I’ve even been around. I put him in the same class with other greats like Dik Browne and Charles Schultz. What made Johnny Hart stand out to me was not that his strip culminated often with christian messages, more on that in a moment, but because the work he did on “BC” and “The Wizard of ID” was unique, clever and had great style. At some point in his career Hart became a born-again christian and his faith crept into his strip from time-to-time. This, of course, raised an uproar with some papers and critics who believe there is no place for christianity in the “funny” section of the paper. I just don’t understand why such an uproar. It was one strip out of many. Too me, it showed an intolerance towards faith. Sure, he’d get complaints at times for his christian content, but what makes the comics section of the newspaper great is the diversity of the content there. To raise such a stink over Hart’s strip reflecting his belief is in a word petty. Sadly, I don’t think a comic strip artist could win syndication with a strip Like Hart’s “BC” as it runs now…. and don’t get me started about my feelings about continuing to run a comic strip after the author/artist’s death. That’s a different rant, but for now let’s just remember the late, great Johnny Hart!

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