Moose Takes a Dip

Just like on our last trip to the country, we went on a walk with the country dog and the city dog. Moose and Nib chased each other like before, and Nib was constantly in and out of the irrigation ditch. Our dog wasn’t brave enough to do anymore than go to the edge and drink, until he either picked up some spontaneous courage or slipped. He went into the ditch and had to swim for the first time in his life, and he ended up on the other side, dripping wet and half the size he appeared to be before. Then of course he was stuck, because he couldn’t bring himself to swim back. Nib tried to show him how easy it was by leaping in, going to his side and then coming back, but the splashing only scared him even more. We called (“You can do it Baby!”), Moose whimpered, and after awhile he closed his eyes, dove back in the water and swam back to our side. We commend Moose and his first courageous swim, as well as his daring walk across a wooden plank over another part of the ditch. What may be second nature to the country dog may be a feat of bravado for the city dog.

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