RSS Revealed

I said I almost had an RSS feed figured out, now I think I can say for sure I’ve got one. I was missing a really basic, fundamental concept: it’s a separate file. A separate XML file with very strict tagging rules that needs to validate and includes RSS code that also leaves no room for error. Actually I’m making that harder than it sounds. Once you grasp the concept, there are a lot of examples on the internet of exactly what your file needs to look like in order to meet those requirements. I was struggling the most with why pictures wouldn’t show up, I was assuming that such a simple layout would just display them normally. It seems there is a very restrictive size limit on pictures, no more than 140px width will show up. So I dug around and found some code that would display a thumbnail and I link that to the full size strip. Like I said, if you can do it, someone out there has and is ready to show you how. Just look at the source code of my XML file to see how mine was put together. I was also confused about how RSS gets updated. I know it’s possible to have it generate the XML file automatically, but you don’t have to. Like any other page on your website, you can just, well, update it and upload it. The next step is to submit the feed to a few directories, then figure out how I can keep up with the number of subscibers.

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