Cereal Madness

Well here we go again. Once again, cartoonists, animators and illustrators will likely take the brunt in the wallet and the potential paycheck for widespread hysteria on the part of some. A pending lawsuit was settled out of court by Kelloggs and concerned parents and nutrition advocacy groups that were threatening legal action on the food conglomerate if they didn’t take drastic measures on their marketing. And boy did they! Kelloggs has agreed to make certain that their cereal and food products will meet stringent nutritional requirements or stop marketing those projects alltogether. That means folks that a lot of us, meaning me, that depend on the marketing of characters like “Snap, Crackle, Pop” or “Tony the Tiger” might lose out on a lot of future work. Funny, how parents are quick to point the finger at anyone else at all, other than themselves. After all, aren’t they the ones taking care of and monitoring their children? Maybe what’s making the kids fat isn’t just what they eat but the fact that many of them won’t step outdoors to exercise when they can sit indoors and play xbox. It’s so easy to let them do this too….instant babysitter. If kids were getting fat from McDonalds or breakfast cereal wouldn’t all the baby boomer generation and generation X be overweight too? I mean these cereals weren’t invented last week.

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