Spring Break Disaster

Now that the vacation story is drawing to its conclusion, I can acknowledge that just like always, I get a lot of ideas from my own experiences. My first year in college I attempted to participate in Spring Break with a group of friends. The hotel turned out to be a rat hole, our timing was off so no one was in town, and I did lay out in the sun all day and burn myself into uselessness for the rest of the week. There were six of us on the trip, but three of us went home with a group of guys they met at a bar and didn’t come back for days. In modern terms, in a world that has continuous coverage on missing college girls, its odd to look back on that because we really weren’t worried. None of us would have cell phones back then so there were no frantic phone calls to check up on their whereabouts, we just accepted the fact that some of us were having a wilder vacation than others. I’ll never forget how lonely West Palm Beach can be and haven’t wanted to go back since that week.

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