Lost Work Never Done

I spent four hours cleaning up and coloring this comic last night and then saved over my print version with a screen resolution. I had to go back and start all over again tonight. I will say that it went a little faster the second time because all of my colors were worked out.

The song the geisha is singing is an old Broadway standard. The first time I heard it was on a web radio station when streaming radio was a new idea. It was a recording from the 30s and it was pretty jazzy. If you would like to hear an even more jazzed up version, Rasputina has their cover on YouTube. I’ve been a huge Rasputina fan for years, but for all those other fans out there, Melora did not write this song so please stop saying that she did all over the message boards. And Brand New Key began life as a novelty folk song from the 70s, just sayin. That doesn’t make their versions less than fantastic of course.

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