Lightening Struck

I’ve been getting a lot of sweet notes from people who have heard about the lightning. So here is the story: I had meetings over lunch so I ran an errand late in the day. I couldn’t find the store I was looking for so I was over an hour gone. A storm started up as they often do in the Florida summer afternoons. I was already late back so I thought I would risk running through the rain to get to my office. I almost took an umbrella but I decided against it. I took off, and I’m not but a few steps when a flash over my shoulder makes me look behind. I see sparks trail up the ground about eight feet away, there’s a hiss as it runs up the pavement. The air is full of static. I wonder did I really just see lightning hit the ground? And I heard the crack of thunder louder and closer than I’ve ever heard it before. I yelled out a curse word and kept running. When I hit the building there was a crowd of astonished people just looking at me, I stood in the doorway and for a moment, just stared back. Then I shook it off all over. I saw the company lawyer on the way to the elevator, he said hello and I was panting. So for the rest of the afternoon, I thought maybe I was just shook up, even though I wasn’t scared. But my faculties didn’t come back. I tried to talk to people but just trailed off, I tried to work but I couldn’t. I stared at a hole in the wall for thirty minutes. I began to suspect that there was something really wrong. I went to the emergency room and eventually I came back together, they said it was a temporary short circuit of the brain. So for all who’ve been writing in asking about how I was struck by lightning, I did have a brush with it and I am fine now. It makes a good story anyway.

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