Viva Pinata

Since the XBox 360 came into the house I have been hooked by Viva Pinata. You begin the game with a shovel and a small plot of dirt and grow it into a garden of pools, fruit trees and a variety of pinata animals. As incredibly stupid as this sounds, it’s massively addictive. I’m not blessed with hours and hours to waste away so I put my time to good measure, and have scored 27 acheivements by Level 34 with a little research from fellow pinata tenders. Growing new things in your garden attracts larger and more exotic pinatas, and I’ve just tamed a couple of chameleons that I plan to mate. Mating your pinatas is the swiftest way to level up because, you know, it’s a kid’s game. One of the ways I keep myself entertained is by naming my pinatas after my co-workers. It makes game play that much more interesting to know that Reid the bee is my most productive honeymaker, Phil fights every newt that gets in his pond and I can’t get the two sparrows to romance any sooner than it would ever happen with their namesakes. There is technically no end to this game but I plan to consider it fully accomplished after I bring in a unicorn. Now you must excuse me, because if I don’t grow an oak tree I’m pretty sure that eagle will never make my garden home.

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