Once Again, Full Speed Reverse

So the other day Scott came to me and said, “I have a job that needs to come first.” And I knew he was right, going to the comic page format may have been easier for me to write, but it was too hard for him to finish in addition his book illustration work. We needed to take a break from what was not getting done on time. Not only that, but he’s been dying to try his hand at Donald Duck comics forever and a day, and he needs the time to do it. I’m stepping out of the comic, and if he goes back to a strip it he may have a different writer altogether. I never thought I was much of a punchline person and maybe he can find a writer who is.

That said, the last page will finish. In the meanwhile, this space is mine to do what I like with. I considered what that should be and realized I’ve been blogging now for four years, but never in a format that accepted comments. I’m working now to transfer all of those updates into a true WordPress format. The theme is generic at the moment but I am going to punch it up with personal touches. There comes a time for everyone when priorities are reassessed, and other projects get the attention they deserve. The book illustration wins out for now, and Donald can’t wait forever. I also have the script half-written for my own personal project and it’s time I gave it my full attention. Which I plan to chronicle here.

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