Everything Old is New Again

I finally finished moving my entire Blog into the new WordPress format. I didn’t realize until I went back through all of these posts that my first post was in November 2003. Back then I was starting a blog on the animation industry. I was pretty young and naive in those days, and I was doing a lot of writing about foreign outsourcing in animation. In 2004, foreign outsourcing was out of control. Four years later, it’s stabilized. Disney traditional animation is revitalized and a new 2D feature is coming out. I was right, but I couldn’t have anticipated the change in direction my own life would take. I didn’t know then that I would come to a place where the industry and I would have next to nothing in common anymore. Reading back through all the passionate posting, I had to examine my past and ask myself what I became.

When I started writing for an online comic, and when I began meeting all of the comics artists at cons all over the country, I became part of that world instead. Ultimately it’s where I would rather be. I also had no idea, in those idealistic days, that I would enjoy my corporate role in web production so much. I love what I do for a living, to the point where it’s not just for a living anymore, it’s a passion. I live and breathe internet business, and make comics on the side. And even more than that, I’m proud of being a consistent blogger since it was a new idea in 2003. It’s about time it was in a real blogging platform, my old blog could not accept comments. I was getting traffic back then, and some of those comments could have been pretty outrageous.

Should you ask, “I thought the strip was dead? How are you involved in comics?” The strip is not dead. It’s going through yet another transition. This space is mine, for my Ask Maridee blog. But remember, just as a hint, there is another domain name out there that hasn’t gotten much use in awhile. And this week I found out that it will get use again at the beginning of next year. It’s the best thing and the right thing, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

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