Vegetable Pirates

I haven’t had many breaks this month while I’ve had two practically back to back projects to color. I did get a nice one yesterday as we celebrated my friend Lisa’s birthday at Animal Kingdom. Jacob and Lisa had one day before they left town for a wedding to take advantage of the celebration special Disney is doing right now, so we hit the park. It really put me in the mood for doing the same on my own birthday, coming along in just a few weeks. I loved the button she had to wear and the way every castmember is compelled to wish her a Happy Birthday. That’s my kind of day.

Unfortunately the days off are few and far between right now while the projects from Japan come fast and furious. I’ve gotten questions from people wondering what the updates on my status are all about, I’m sure it sounds weird to hear I’m coloring vegetables. To clarify, Scott does illustration work for a school in Japan and they have some odd storylines sometimes. I help him color them on the months when it’s too expensive to hire that out, which is most of the time. I can’t show a sample from what I’m working on now because it hasn’t been published yet, but it’s not too different from the one I worked on this last Christmas. Both stories were about vegetables. In the current story, fruits and vegetables are fighting with each other over which is better. They determine “better” by either being longer, shinier, fuzzier, it varies.

Avast there ye V8 Avast there ye V8

Last Christmas the vegetables were pirates. I couldn’t tell you what the kids are supposed to be learning from these stories, but I can say I’ve really been trying to take quality up a notch in the latest series. I like the results but on the bad side I feel like I’ve spent way too much time on my butt lately. Yesterday’s day out was a relief, I really need to get through this level so I can have more like it. Also I forgot my camera so I’ll have to figure out how to get pictures off my mobile phone before I can post them.

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