HD Video is Ahead of its Time

Has someone ever put you in a position where you have to break the bad news to someone else, without acknowledging the source of that news? Seems like I end up there all the time. Sometimes anxiety can ruin my whole weekend. So I’m spending the afternoon learning how to use this HD camera before the cruise and trying not to stress about things.

Buying your camera off the shelf can be a good deal but when you buy from Sony you’d better get the disk. Just about nothing is compatible wiFth HD video at this point, but the camera comes with a player. That won’t solve your problems if you want to splice videos together and make a final product, and Movie Maker doesn’t take HD, so that’s out. Maybe an upgrade to my outrageously old (but legal!) copy of Premiere is in order.

Meanwhile I’m testing out YouTube’s new feature – uploading HD video directly to their converter. This footage of an armadillo in the Dunes State Park is my test attempt.

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