The Texas Military Forces Museum

While I was on the phone with my proposed colorist last night, I was telling him about the project and did a little research. I found this page detailing the history of the Lost Battalion, which my grandfather was a member of. To be precise, he was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 131st Field Artillery, 36th Division (Texas National Guard). It was a little moving to read through the facts outlined here and see exactly what my grandfather has notated in his diary. He mentions the departure from Angel Island, and he makes some colorful remarks about the stop in Australia which the website puts particular emphasis on. The sinking of the USS Houston is mentioned by both my grandfather and his best friend in his interview, but Zerb gives it a little more elaboration. What is very helpful about this site is it gives the names of the commanders, which neither the diary nor the interview covered. All three go into detail on the tropical diseases and other horrors. The website mainly covers the experiences of those that stayed in the tropics to work on the railroad, which makes my grandfather and his friend’s experience in Ohasi unique – they were taken to the mines almost immediately. I’ll become a WWII South Pacific expert by the time this is over.

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