A Summary of A Nose

It’s almost time to go back from work post-surgery and all in all I feel good about the procedure. Some thoughts on the subject:

  • Everything that I went through turned out to be perfectly normal. It turns out doctor’s don’t get into too much detail about any one aspect of surgery. I was in misery during a two week long recovery and that is normal, as is the bleeding, the various pains, the sleepiness, all of it. Maybe the doctor is worried he’ll scare you off if he tells you everything.
  • It’s certain that I can breathe much better than before. How this will affect my chronic sinus infections remains to be seen, but outlook is good.
  • The company’s policy on sick leave is confusing. Cigna might have had a better understanding of my claim if they had actually called me back after I left messages. I view the extra paperwork I have to do now as entirely of their doing.
  • My nose appears to be somewhat straighter but is not entirely straight. The doctor said it’s as straight as he could make it. I must have a very stubborn nose.
  • I can’t work out for another 2 weeks. I should stop pouting and enjoy the break.
  • My church and my workplace are full of amazing people that want to bring me food when I’m sick.
  • I also learned that, on the whole, nothing I’ve been worried about for the past two months matters at all. So it’s a fortunate thing that I’ve refocused my energy on other things anyway, not least of which is my book. I am all the way up to page 14!

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