Farks Far and Wide

Part of my new relationship with MailChimp is an integration with their Analytics360 plugin, which allows me to see traffic to my website in all kinds of easy-to-read formats. The referring link section is very extensive and a little browsing led me to discover just how much legs my goofy Photoshops have had. I wondered, for instance, why I was getting so many views of Cheetah Horse. A quick Google search revealed that if you google the words “cheetah horse” my image comes up first. My image of an exterminator getting rid of the locusts of the Apocolypse is being used in a blog about fixing computer bugs. And my Denny’s sign is in use, well, just about everywhere. The time I shopped a friend into a lineup of the Ghostbusters cast is illustrating a blog entry about Ghostbusters 3, which leads me to wonder if people are always aware that these are not real. My apologies to Denny’s.

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