Apple iDon't Care

I must be the only person in America who doesn’t care what Apple is coming out with, ever. I absolutely acknowledge that Apple has driven many technologies forward and I’m grateful for that because I love innovation. But for me, everything new that is Apple comes with an unappealing caveat. iTunes rocked digital music, but that $1/download price tag… I get so much more with my Napster-to-Go service. Everyone had an iPod but it wouldn’t work with my Napster service, so my MP3 player is my constant companion. Plenty of people I know have a Mac, but for everything I need to develop for web, my PC is my right hand man. Many friends have an iPhone, but the monthly internet service charge begs the question, do I really need it right now for anything more than the novelty? And won’t an even better and less expensive competitor come along by the time I do? So I get it, Internet, you want to have Steve Job’s baby. Just leave me out of it, as usual.

I would like to briefly plug one of the first advertisers on our website just because I liked their site so much – They make stuffed animals you buy for charity, but more importantly, they make knitted doughnuts. I love stuffed animal food.


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