Country Roads Take Me Home

Monday’s strip generated the highest traffic the website has seen to date and a lot of positive feedback. Apparently no matter which side of politics you lean on, a lot of people want Alan Colmes to stuff it up his socks.

Scott is going home for nearly two weeks to spend time with his family. My parents came to stay with us while their new house closes, and the packed schedule has made it impossible for us to get to Atlanta to see the in-laws. Scott will be back before the Olympics are over, and in the meantime, I’m going to use all of this free time to attempt to finish my script. Scott will have his laptop with him and you can still reach him on Facebook or by email. The last time he visited his family for several days without me I became such a hermit that people theorized I was dead. With my parents here with me, I’m less likely to disappear this time.


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