He Was Nothing Like the Other Guys Selling Curly Fries

We hit the Florida State Fair this weekend in Tampa and it was an all-day spectacular. Florida knows how to do it right, with a jam-packed midway, paddle boats and no less than seven Ferris Wheels. The basics like farm animals, junior dance competitions and crafts were present. Oddities included an Elvis impersonator, giraffes, a home made out of a giant log, alligator wrestling and deep-fried Pepsi. Which I tried just to say I did it. Frankly I have some regrets there. Most curious of all, the Tampa Comic Con was there, at least a few participants showed up. I asked some of the artists how it was going and all in all not bad, though fair-goers are not big spenders they do represent a broader audience than the average con. Very broad, for fairs are truly an event for the masses. Just avoid the chocolate-covered bacon.


    1. I think I would have enjoyed it if it had been coated in chocolate. They expected us to dip spongy bacon into melty sauce and the texture just can’t be described.

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