Sponge Worthy

For those of you living outside of Florida, Tarpon Springs is a Greek community near the coast with a history of sponge diving. My family and I like to go over there occasionally and eat Greek food, which is the best or weirdest food available depending on what you order. I always get dolmodes because they’re wonderful so there’s no reason to bother with anything else. This time it was at Mama Maria’s (beware: music ahoy) and the best yet, if for nothing else, than because it’s off the touristy main strip of town. Everything comes in three flavors: beef, chicken or octopus. Octopus is an option for just about everything, even by itself with maybe a light salt rub. The sponge diving heritage is heavily marketed and leads one to wonder how much call there still is for natural sponge, but that’s ok, because if you’re not interested in buying a sponge brush the local shops have wall plaques for sale of every known saint.

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