Land of the Mouse

I’m going on a surprise mini-vacation this weekend and really need one. My parents will have the house, a place that’s not particularly fun to be out right now because we’ve been battling a mouse in our pantry for nearly two weeks. I saw him myself when I opened the door yesterday morning, but of course he disappeared. Then Scott and my dad tore apart the pantry looking for him. He showed up in a box of coffee filters that he’d torn up and nested in. Scott looked inside, the mouse looked back at him, and then all hell broke loose. They did not ultimately capture it, it went under the stove and disappeared into a wall. So the kitchen is a complete wreck while we call an exterminator out to find the elusive rodent. We believe there is only one left, there was another one but of all things, my spoiled and snooty house cat caught that one. She didn’t know what to do with it once she had run off with it, but it helped us remove it from the premises. This is not a fun problem to have, it’s a clean kitchen so I’m not feeling like we brought this on ourselves with our dirty ways, but possibly the pantry was overstuffed and there has to be an opening somewhere they get in through. Especially if they can disappear again so mysteriously. Ah, the hazards of living in Florida… At least I haven’t seen a roach lately.

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3 thoughts on “Land of the Mouse

  1. GO KILLER!!

    That’s our nickname for puddin. We did tell you about the rat … yes, RAT, that your dainty little foof of a cat captured while we were watching over her didn’t we? Seems she’s quite familiar with unwanted rodent guests, and still just as unsure about what to do with them once she’s gained her prize. LOL.

    1. Guinness was no help at all, Tarbucky did a little better. Yes she is a dainty foof and I had forgotten that Puddin caught a rat at your house. Now if those mouse traps would just do their job we’d all be pest free.

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