Megacon Mega-Over

I survived Megacon, somehow, some way. Sold some books and other merchandise, but more importantly, we got to meet some local artists. Most are in Tampa, but a couple were out of Orlando. We went out to dinner with some new faces, Krishna from PC Weenies and JT from Nightgig Studios. JT didn’t waste time posting pictures of the event, so that’s one place to see the festivities. I’ll be uploading my pictures to the Scooter and Ferret Facebook Fan Page, so be on the lookout for those. Did I mention the attendance on Saturday was absolutely insane? You couldn’t take a step without knocking over someone dressed like a Pokemon. One thing that always happens at every convention is a lot of new names join the mailing list, though I don’t have time tonight to add them all. Just as well, as today wraps up the pole workout storyline.

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