I Look Forward to Seeing You in the Coming Revolution

You may have noticed that a comic did not go out on Friday. Family upheaval had me more occupied than getting something out last week, but we’ve had the weekend to discuss and now Friday’s are going to become a little extra-awesome. For it will be on Fridays that we will take a departure each week to show the next chapter of other works in progress. I polished off this week’s today and it looks fantastic – it’s the first panel to a one-shot comic about the Communist Peas. If you’re new to the strip and not sure who the Communist Peas are, now is a good time to browse the archives. The concept of the Communist Peas came from a strip storyline in which Scooter and his buddy Bert talk about a classic comic book accused of having questionable political leanings. Unlike much of the material falsely accused in the 1950s, “Happy Little Pea Pods” has genuine Marxist sympathies. Writing for the peas is an absolute blast and the panels are in a cut-paper style that’s a departure from our usual inks. Make sure to keep up with the RSS feed or the newsletter, as Communist Pea panels will be exclusive to the blog and the e-mail; they will not appear in the archives.

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  1. OMFG!! The peas are comin’ back? TOO COOL!!!

    I’ve always loved that story, and the artwork you chose to represent it was stunning, truly stunning. Can’t wait to see it all put together again. =)

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