Howdy Truck Owner

So my dad has been moaning since he got here about how much easier it would be to move things to the storage space if he only had a truck. I ask him, what if I traded my Mazda 6 for a truck? He thought that was an excellent idea so a couple of evenings at Coggin Honda later I have a cherry red truck sitting in my driveway. It’s used but it has less miles on it, so it all works out. I’ve actually always wanted a truck but unfortunately it gets mediocre gas mileage and the family needs it at home, so I’ll be taking the Civic to work for awhile. Not that the Civic is a come down at all, but I’ll have to forego putting on the boots and the stetson for now.


    1. It won’t be a one time thing, there’s going to be several months of piecemeal back and forth. I can’t get into all the details but this is the wisest ultimate solution.

  1. You didn’t keep Tim’s number? I’m sure he’d be MORE than happy to relocate and help you move stuff. 😀

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