Flash Forward

Last week we were introduced to the saga of Pea Progresso. The story begins in his teen years on the fussball field.

I’m in the middle of my Actionscript 3.0 book and beginning to realize that it’s PHP in disguise. I have way too much fun reading about code, it’s time to get into a project again. The iPad has a lot of people talking about the eventual disappearance of Flash but I’m not sure I buy the argument. I get that HTML5 offers equivalent rich media support but doesn’t that omit a minor detail? Like the interactive aspect? I acknowledge I don’t know a ton about what you can do with jQuery but I’m pretty sure I can’t use it to make an animal character basketball game. Everything is not about slideshows and video. Rest assured, every time Apple comes out with something that refuses to do everything you might think it should (ahem iPhone), someone comes out with a competitor that does (tada Android!). Which is why my Sansa works with Napster and iPods don’t I suppose. And the competitors are making a point to highlight their Flash capabilities.


  1. jQuery is worth getting familiar with, but is no replacement for flash. It’s going to take 3-5 years for browsers (read: users) to catch up to HTML5 anyway. I mean… look at the number of people still doomed to use IE6 either by corporate shenanigans or lack of desire to upgrade.

    1. What a coincidence you bring that up as my previous company refused to upgrade past IE6 at least through this year if not longer. We were struggling to support that dinosaur. I did some reading last night and I agree it will be years before browsers catch up to HTML5, even the latest upgrades. And exactly how far the canvas tag that mimics graphical interactions can go remains mysterious. If you’re predicting the death of Flash you’re in the media, you’ve never developed and I have a game called ‘Second Life’ you should write about because it’s “the next big thing.”

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