Cake Dreams

I spent most of yesterday sculpting and while I did I got some inspiration from watching several episodes of Amazing Wedding Cakes. I like watching shows about talented cake decorators, I can appreciate the skill it takes to make fondant do, well, anything. My attempts at cake decorating have always been full of inspiration, but with results worthy of being a feature on Cake Wrecks. I was wowed by the skills of the bakeries on the show, except for one that just made sloppy-as-all-get-out cakes every time. I might not have noticed if they weren’t being compared to so many bakeries that could make a perfect replica of your dog out of sugar, but it was kind of obvious they didn’t have much patience or aptitude for a clean, structured design. I began to wonder if they made the show just because they were so annoying and that makes good television somehow. I would like to dream that by watching cake shows I could someday make a cake that looks exactly like a zebra-striped purse, but I think that will remain a dream. For now I’ll stick to clay.

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