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Looks like Pea is less than pleased with life’s simple pleasures.

I’ve spent the past couple of night’s trying to wrap up my sister’s new website and I’ve made really good progress. There’s a whole open side bar now that’s ideal for widgets but I think I may let them play around with that. One search bar added but I’m too tired to try to guess what else they might want. I’ll probably pop the banner widget on. Their current site is a little difficult to navigate and I’ve heard it’s a real bear to update. That makes me think about all of the many Comicpress pros and cons. Comicpress is a complicated theme to customize because it’s publishing two very different blogs on the same page (your comic is a blog technically speaking) but that’s also why you need it to be complicated. That functionality is a must. When it comes to updating on a static site there is no comparison: I am writing this at 10 at night, but I won’t touch it again after I close it out. It will publish tomorrow morning right on schedule and it won’t disturb my sleep or make me late to work so I can update it at the same time every day. Comicpress really did change my life, or granted me a better night’s sleep at the least. Also, as I know the happy receivers of this new site are reading, you need to zip the comic images files in sets of about 25. Comicpress likes to upload comics in batches by uploading a zip file. Name the zip files sequentially.

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2 thoughts on “Comicpress Forever

  1. =)

    Not sure about the necessity comment about .zip files, you can do individual comics by naming them the date with yyyy-mm-dd-title-of-comic.extension for example 2010-04-23-ferret-world.jpg and use the comicpress manager upload and that will create the post automatically for that day, etc. For importing old comics you can do the same thing as well by using the comicpress manager import function, as long as the file names adhere to the date.

    .. maybe i’m misreading what you said ;/ heh.

    If you need any assistance at anytime you can find me in a variety of places =)

    – Phil

    1. Absolutely true in theory, but when you’ve been making a comic for four years, the last thing you want to do is upload them individually. Their comic is about two years old and I would really like to batch that puppy.

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