It wasn’t much of a weekend – Scott was racing against a deadline and I wasn’t feeling well. I think it’s ok at this point to make the general announcement for anyone that hasn’t heard already that we’re having our first baby this year. The due date is not until Oct-Nov so there’s a long […]

Apple iGuess I Should Rethink That

Does anyone really believe that Apple is blocking third-party development for iPhone apps because it’s in the consumer’s best interest? Or that Steve Jobs blocked Flash on the iPad because it makes Mac’s crash? Personally my Mac doesn’t need any help crashing from Flash, but if there were any holdout devotees thinking Apple was altruistically […]

Gone Viral

What I thought was allergies turned out to be the latest thing going around, a viral upper respitory infection. As someone who falls prey to pretty much everything that gets about, I feel that this is one of the grossest illnesses I’ve had yet. I missed a day of work to it and spent the whole […]


Not a long entry today, I am having very irritating allergy problems. I will mention that I’m impressed with the way cough drop flavors have improved over the years. No more are we restricted to honey, cherry and mint; today’s choice is a very pleasant strawberry-banana cream. By the appearance of sand spurs in our […]