Apple iGuess I Should Rethink That

Does anyone really believe that Apple is blocking third-party development for iPhone apps because it’s in the consumer’s best interest? Or that Steve Jobs blocked Flash on the iPad because it makes Mac’s crash? Personally my Mac doesn’t need any help crashing from Flash, but if there were any holdout devotees thinking Apple was altruistically leading the crusade to embrace HTML5 standards, look no further than their latest developers agreement. Ad networks are in an understandable uproar over Section 3.3.1, forbidding apps from transmitting the analytical data ad networks live and die by. This is such an obvious move to give the edge to the iAd product that the FTC is considering an antitrust investigation. Complaints from ad network competitors and Adobe has the buzz started, and in what amounts to an acknowledgment of truth, Apple is considering backing down. How curious that one of the most vocal critics of Microsoft bundling should now be taking a page right out of Bill Gates’ playbook.

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