It wasn’t much of a weekend – Scott was racing against a deadline and I wasn’t feeling well. I think it’s ok at this point to make the general announcement for anyone that hasn’t heard already that we’re having our first baby this year. The due date is not until Oct-Nov so there’s a long summer ahead, but I frequently don’t feel very well. We haven’t let it interrupt the strip, I still write as much as ever and I’m still getting the strips online, but I’ve been a lot less inclined to get on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t mean to fall out of touch with anyone, it’s just that the headaches, the fatigue and the nausea sometimes put me off sitting at the computer. I do that all day for a living and half the time when I get home I just want to lie on the couch. Don’t worry if I haven’t gotten back to you yet, I will in my best time. Today is Scott’s birthday BTW, so don’t forget to give him a shout!


  1. Thank you that’s really nice! I’m not having to take the nausea pill as often, maybe it won’t be long now.

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