In Memorial

As this email goes out today I will be at my mother’s funeral service. It’s impossible to say everything you want to say, or how to even begin to sum up someone’s life. I spent a lot of time going through the old photo albums my dad pulled out and realized that my mother had had a very full life. She had a family she grew up with, she had a family of her own, and she got to see and do everything she meant to. Ok, she never ran away to England to meet the Beatles. She did snap a photo of them in concert. Notes and emails from the people who knew her tell me that friends found her to be generous with her time, her money and her sympathy. Leftover school materials remind me that she considered being a teacher her greatest achievement. And all of the momentos and toys she kept for us will show me in the future that she’d always planned for me to have children to pass them down to. Thank you everyone who sent a note, a text or a social network well-wish, I loved them all.

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